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Declaration*: The information on here is correct and the hours on my invoice match the hours that I've signed on this site.

SLA agreements will follow, main points of the agreement to follow are:

  • 30 Days end of month Payment Terms
  • All rates include your overheads including but not limited to fuel, parking, travel etc.
  • All repairs must carry a minimum of 30-day warranty, refusal, or delayed attendance to recalls will be recharged back to Contractor.
  • Contractor must call Helpdesk to log on and off site (Fail to do this invoice may be deducted or retrospectively charged/paid.)
  • Invoices must show your UTR and VAT Number and VAT recharge back (If VAT registered)
  • All Invoices must be broken down to show above rates and broken-down list of materials with maximum 10% mark-up
  • Deductions from the Sub-Contractor to the next lower band for any missed SLA.