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Brick and mortar retailing has seen drastic change in recent times and effective facilities management for retail businesses is essential in navigating through the changing world of business.


The retail experience has changed, and a one size fits all approach to retail facilities management is not viable. We can help you adapt your facilities to whatever the requirement in order to ensure they are equipped to process maximum demand and profit whilst keeping staff and customers safe. We have years of experience in maintenance projects to help you make any changes necessary to your retail facility.

Reducing Downtime

It is essential for retail businesses to keep your doors open as even losing 1 day of trading can have significant knock-on effects. Trying to manage a maintenance schedule across multiple retail locations can be extremely difficult and this is where we can help. We tailor a planned maintenance programme to the needs of your business and work seamlessly with you to keep things running smoothly. Whether out of operating hours of discretely during trading time we will ensure there are no nasty surprises related to your premises.

Should the worst happen however, we’re always on hand 24/7 with our reactive maintenance services.

Putting Your Customers First

Successful retail businesses think like their customers and your retail facility is a key factor in their overall consumer experience. The rise of e-commerce has meant that customers are ever more demanding, and your facility must offer a unique and high-quality appeal in order to compete and set yourself apart. Air conditioning, security, parking, lighting are all seemingly unnoticeable factors that can have a huge impact on the impression given to consumers. Ensure your facilities are up to scratch with our range of retail facilities management services to improve security and hygiene, customer experience.

Keeping Your Business Compliant

Retail businesses are subject to strict legislation and even tougher fines in order to keep customers safe and not being compliant can result in significant unexpected costs. Changing legislation can be hard to follow and even the most well-intentioned businesses owners and operations directors can miss potentially catastrophic operating practices. Our compliance maintenance service leaves you with one less thing to worry about. We have decades of experience maintaining nationwide multiple site facilities keeping them compliant and running safely within the confines of the law.


How We Work

At Magna Services Group Ltd, we listen to what our customers want. As we have evolved as a business to offer more services, we have not forgotten the simple ethos that made Magna a leading UK maintenance provider.

Unexpected Issues

Facilities are complex and no matter the plans in place, things can go wrong. A robust reactive maintenance service allows you to react when the unexpected happens and helps to keep your business trading.

Cost Effective

An Magna reactive maintenance service covers you for the unexpected whilst also keeping the associated costs of reactive servicing to a minimum.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

As always, it will be better to prevent issues rather than react to them, but when a fault does arise having a reactive maintenance service in place can get your facility back up and running safely and to appropriate standards – meaning your employees are working in a safe environment.

Limited Personnel Requirement

Having a dedicated reactive maintenance team, like Magna, on hand means that you will need fewer staff to manage any issues that may occur. With a simple phone call, you can relax and be safe in the knowledge that the problem is being fixed, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

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