Magna Services Group’s intelligence-led approach to security systems for your business brings with it a huge number of business benefits and will more than pay for itself. It doesn’t have to cost the earth whereas a poor system, or no system at all, could cost you your business.

After all there’s a lot at stake. Not just the safety of your premises, assets, workforce, visitors and the public, but your reputation, your profits and, possibly, your future.

Today businesses face a relentless list of potential threats and risks; activism, terrorism, burglary & theft, fraud, vandalism, sabotage, espionage, hooliganism, violence and more. Not to mention being taken to court (rightfully or not) for a huge range of civil and criminal offences.

The right security system will mitigate your risks in all of these areas, and even provide early warnings of other threats including health and safety issues and calamities such as fire & floods.

We offer wraparound protection for your business – and peace of mind for you, with a range of Security Solutions including;

Access Control

Besides preventing risks such as theft and vandalism, a vigorous access control system helps you meet your duty of care towards employees and anyone else legitimately on your premises.

Inadequate control presents a physical and financial risk to your people, members of the public, suppliers, your assets and stock – in short, your whole business. Getting it wrong can be costly and could land you in court; getting it right can keep your insurance premiums down and protect your reputation as a brand and as an employer.

A robust access control system will take the burden from your shoulders. We can manage the access rights of your workforce and visitors by controlling anything from a single internal door to a fully computerized multi-site network or access points.

Installation and/or maintenance

We will fit and/or maintain your access control system, whether your needs are simple or highly sophisticated. Each solution is tailored to your unique business needs (based on our in-depth understanding of your situation, risks and requirements) and complies with industry standards.

Access control mechanisms

We can authorise or deny door entry systems using a range of technologies, including:

Fobs or ID cards- these “Smart” technologies carry identifiers unique to the user
Biometrics – state-of-the art fingerprint or palm-reading technology increases your security and is almost impossible to duplicate

Time & Attendance solutions

These offer a great way to manage your workforce in and out of work while encouraging good timekeeping. This is available as a standalone solution or can be integrated with any of our other access solutions.

Integration with third-party software systems

We can integrate our hardware, software and networks with your existing or proposed systems to deliver a unified, easy-to-operate security solution with a wide range of added benefits.


Video monitoring is an increasing requirement for businesses and is growing in the residential market too. Besides providing a powerful deterrent, CCTV can deliver evidence for use in court and can help lower your insurance premiums.

We will design, install and maintain a bespoke state of the art digital CCTV protection system based on a detailed understanding of your own business needs. We can even integrate our solution with your existing systems.

Sophisticated recording

Our CCTV cameras will pan, tilt & zoom and can even handle facial recognition. They can all be managed remotely, delivering high-definition which won’t degrade on playback, recording or forwarding.

Choose how you view
We can integrate your CCTV system with your desktop computers, smartphones and tablets over a secure 3g or 4g network, providing superb flexibility in the way you view and store your CCTV activity and incidents.

Cloud-based CCTV

Cloud-based solutions offer a cost effective long or short term enhancement to any CCTV system, enabling your digital footage to be stored and replayed online.

Intelligent Analytics

Analytics is now at the forefront of CCTV technology, offering a wide range of flexibility, customisation and other benefits. Please ask about the range of analytics we supply, including specialist retail solutions.

Licence-plate recognition

We provide the ANPR/LPR cameras and software you need to confirm and record the vehicles coming into and out of an area.

Full PA Voiceover

We will connect your CCTV system to your tannoy, so that trespassers can be ordered to leave via a loud automated or personal warning – even from a remote location (although the intruder will think you are on site)

Remote Monitoring

We can take over monitoring your CCTV feed, providing a CCTV monitoring company after hours by dialling into your cameras over a secure internet connection.

Security Monitoring Systems and Solutions

Your business may have, or plan to have, CCTV systems and a range of alarms. But is anyone watching or listening – and if they are, do they knock off at 5.30? Monitoring adds the vital final touch to your security system.

We offer a wide range of standard and bespoke security systems monitoring services to suit many business contexts – some of which may be an insurance prerequisite. We can install and/or maintain for monitoring vulnerable staff and clients; premises and facilities; software and hardware data centres and server rooms; lifts; heating, air conditioning and freezing systems; CCTV systems, fire and intruder alarms and more.

Vulnerable Worker Monitoring

We will protect lone or vulnerable workers – perhaps in hospital or social-care settings – or young or elderly clients in day or residential-care settings. We can provide the complete solution, including cameras and GPS-tracking personal alarms (which can be triggered manually or automatically in the event of a hit or fall).

Security System Monitoring

We provide 24/7/365 CCTV and intruder-alarm monitoring to the highest NSI gold standards, linked to police forces and fire services. When your alarm is activated trained professionals will follow your protocols and alert the relevant service, saving time and – potentially – your business.

Remote Monitoring

We will monitor your CCTV feed, if requested, using a secure internet connection, ensuring greater security during out of hours. We can also remotely monitor your lifts as well as your HVAC and freezing system (even adjusting those systems remotely to protect your premises and stock).

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Why have a system that just rings a bell? Recent government statistics prove that including monitoring can reduce the risk of losing a business to fire. Prioritising fire signals for swift response and linking them directly to command and control centres ensures that the emergency services can be dispatched without delay. It really matters: over 25% of fire-damaged businesses never recover.

LED Security Lighting

We supply and install state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions, providing a cost-effective deterrent to unauthorised intrusion.

We’ll provide you with a security lighting company who will tailor a lighting plan for your business and advise you as to what you need and where. We can also integrate LED lighting with the rest of your security system.

If you already have security lighting, did you know that LED is not only more environmentally friendly but can also reduce your energy consumption?

LED lighting offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Adding light to the perimeters of your property helps to deter intruders and adds an extra layer of security
  • When you choose a reactive system, lights come on whenever anything comes within range – ideal for illuminating the exterior of buildings
  • Extra lighting will support your CCTV cameras, providing clearer imaging at night (even for camera systems with low-light capability).

Road and Perimeter Security Systems

Our turnstile solutions will help you to control and protect busy environments, enabling you to manage the flow of people while monitoring their secure entry and exit. By protecting your outer boundaries, we can lower your risk of intrusion or – at the very least – delay unauthorised access. Our progressive perimeter security systems and traffic-management solutions will help to protect your premises and physical assets as well as your workforce and any visitors.

Electronic gates & barriers

We offer a wide range of made-to-measure gates (standard or automated) and automatic barriers to meet the precise needs of your business. Our services include all design, project management and commissioning work, plus certification of compliance with all regulatory standards.

Rising Bollards

Rising bollards are ideal where access control is needed but space is restricted. Our services include all design, project management and commissioning work, plus certification of compliance with all regulatory standards.

Automated road-blockers

Automated road blockers will help secure your premises from moving vehicles. Our services include all design, project management and commissioning work, plus certification of compliance with all regulatory standards.

Turnstile gates

We can integrate our hardware, software and networks with your existing or proposed systems to deliver a unified, easy-to-operate security solution with a wide range of added benefits.

Full access-control integration

We can integrate our perimeter solutions with your existing or proposed internal systems or any internal system provided by us.

Manned Guarding

CrimeLabSince every guarding situation is different, one approach can never suit them all. And that’s where we come in. We’ll design a manned guarding solution specific to your very particular needs. We’ll protect your staff, visitors, premises and stock so that everyone will be safe and secure.

We’ll begin by taking an in-depth look at your business. Your location and your particular threats and risks. Once we’ve built up a picture of what you need, we’ll match you with a guard or guards whose training and experience moist closely meet your requirements. Their industry-specific insight is invaluable, providing not only the required skills but also a strong cultural fit and understanding of your operations.

Sector-specific security guards

We’ll design a guarding solution that is tailored to your business, industry and location.

Threat Analysis

After conducting a complete threat survey, we’ll provide a report identifying your greatest potential threats. This will provide vital information for tailoring your guarding solution.

Risk Analysis

Just as with threat analysis, we’ll survey your potential risks and deliver a report to inform your guarding solution.


Exclusive to Magna Services Group: this software-based service provides current and historic security and policing data about your area. It can take into account the risks to your organisation, and provides essential information in helping to secure your business.

Emergency Response

If you need it, we’ll also provide emergency response support. This is ideal if your threats or risks are elevated for short periods of time, but the service can also support any current guarding contract.

Dedicated, named contract care

You’ll have a named contracts manager who will look after your requirements, arrange regular visits and meetings, handle your feedback and provide operational support.

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