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Does your facility’s fire alarm equipment need inspecting and you don’t know where to begin?


Is your water system up-to-date with its Legionella Risk Assessment?


When was the last time your electrical appliances were PAT tested?


How often have you found yourself lost and confused with the sheer amount of health and safety legislation your facility must adhere to?

“Magna Service Over 22,000 Fire Alarm Devices & 11,000 Fire Extinguishers Annually”

Trying to understand the intricacies of each law, for every aspect of your facility, and then ensuring that your company remains compliant, is a headache that most business owners can relate to. Compliance maintenance can often be difficult to get your head around, but luckily you don’t need to.

That’s where Magna can help. As a company that provides a quality compliance maintenance service to high profile businesses, we know everything there is to know about all UK health and safety legislation. We provide detailed and comprehensive compliance maintenance services to ensure that your business complies with every regulatory law it needs to.

What Is Regulatory Compliance?

To understand how Magna can help, you first need to understand what regulatory compliance is.

Essentially, regulatory compliance is a business’s adherence to laws and regulations. These regulations ensure that all items within a company’s facility are up to British Standards, meaning that they are deemed safe for you, your staff and your customers.

Making sure that your facility reaches these standards requires regular compliance maintenance to locate any problems that could breach legislation, and then fixing them quickly.

Effective regulatory compliance can range from Fire Risk Assessments to gas safety inspections and certification, and even adhering to established procedures for identifying and removing asbestos.

Failure to comply with health and safety legislation not only endangers your employees and clients, but can result in large fines, and in some cases, court proceedings.

“Magna Service Over 50,000 Electrical Circuits Annually”

How Magna Can Help

As one of the top compliance maintenance companies in the UK, we understand how vital it is for every business to comply with health & safety legislation. Whether you have a large facility or manage multiple sites on a National / European scale, it is a complex yet essential part of your workload.

At MAGNA we offer comprehensive compliance maintenance solutions across all elements of your facility. We can design, carry out and manage prearranged maintenance visits to your facility to help ensure all your assets are compliant, as well as reduce your overall costs. Ultimately, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business.


Using our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of all UK health and safety legislation, we’ll reduce the time and costs required to maintain up-to-date compliance records and save you from worrying whether your estate is compliant with every possible regulation.

Electrical, fire, gas, water, asbestos and air conditioning are just some of the planned maintenance visits we’ll manage on your behalf, using our highly-skilled, qualified and certified team to make sure that every job is undertaken with care and efficiency.

We let our results speak for themselves, but to ensure you have total transparency in our work, we use the compliance module of our maintenance management system – an efficient one-stop shop which gives you a complete compliance management solution.

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