Maintenance Programmes

As part of your planned maintenance programme, Magna can provide a range of bespoke maintenance programmes including roofing & guttering, air conditioning, roller shutter and pest control. Often, smaller problems can stack up which lead to bigger issues down the line. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen.

What is Planned or Preventative Maintenance?

Planned maintenance, also known as preventative maintenance, is essentially adopting a proactive approach to your building’s maintenance. This means that rather than waiting for problems to develop, your facility is regularly checked, and any issues are identified and repaired before an escalation can occur.

This takes the form of a planned maintenance schedule – a plan created by us, at Magna, in consultation with you, which has identified all areas of your business that may be of concern. We work alongside you to compile an asset register and agree on the right level of maintenance for each facility. This ensures that potential problems are minimized, therefore keeping your operation running smoothly, your staff happy and your shareholders content.

How Magna Can Help

Magna works with you to understand the needs of your business and tailor-make a planned maintenance program suitable for your budget. For example, one program we offer is the Magna Forward Maintenance Service. This is where non-critical issues are grouped together to be completed in one pre-arranged visit, thus reducing the number of call-outs and consequently, the cost.


How We Work

At Magna Services Group Ltd, we listen to what our customers want. As we have evolved as a business to offer more services, we have not forgotten the simple ethos that made Magna a leading UK maintenance provider.

Unexpected Issues

Facilities are complex and no matter the plans in place, things can go wrong. A robust reactive maintenance service allows you to react when the unexpected happens and helps to keep your business trading.

Cost Effective

An Magna reactive maintenance service covers you for the unexpected whilst also keeping the associated costs of reactive servicing to a minimum.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

As always, it will be better to prevent issues rather than react to them, but when a fault does arise having a reactive maintenance service in place can get your facility back up and running safely and to appropriate standards – meaning your employees are working in a safe environment.

Limited Personnel Requirement

Having a dedicated reactive maintenance team, like Magna, on hand means that you will need fewer staff to manage any issues that may occur. With a simple phone call, you can relax and be safe in the knowledge that the problem is being fixed, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

How Do I Decide Whether I Need Planned Maintenance Services For My Company?


Would a leaking roof halt your operation?


How would your staff feel about an unwelcome infestation?


What would your customers make of unsanitary and dilapidated premises?

If you run a large company, ensuring your business can run smoothly throughout the year is essential to company success. For many, this means employing the services of a planned maintenance company such as Magna. If you are unsure, however, ask yourself whether your business could manage an interruption to its everyday operations?

Every business has a responsibility to maintain a safe, clean and secure environment for their employees to operate in. Ensuring this will lead to happier staff, greater productivity, and a generally more profitable operation. Well maintained buildings also provide a lasting return on your investment – whatever their use.


Why Can’t You Just Be Reactive To Problems?

Prevention really is better than cure.

Whilst unexpected problems do have a bad habit of cropping up, reactive maintenance is a core component of any facility’s management strategy (and something we can also help you with), ultimately, it’s always more cost-effective to address a situation before it has been allowed to develop. This approach will avoid unexpected shutdowns, costly repairs and loss of profits.

This is where a planned maintenance programme really shines.


Keeping A Facility Well Looked After

Maintaining a facility is much more complex and time-consuming than simply checking that the light bulbs are screwed in properly. Identifying all the areas where a facility could develop show-stopping problems down the line, whilst also running your business effectively, can be both a distraction and an uphill struggle.

Employing Magna to provide a planned preventative maintenance schedule will deliver a proven and cost-effective way to solve all of the issues, above, whilst leaving you hands-free to concentrate on your job and the reasons you go to work every day.

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