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Declaration*: The information on here is correct and the hours on my invoice match the hours that I've signed on this site.

Main points of the agreement to follow are:

  1. Full description of works being quoted for with support photos as appropriate
  2. Labour breakdown based on hours on site at our published schedule of rates
  3. Materials list fully itemised and costed at fair & reasonable rates
  4. Parking and congestion charges are to be applied at cost price only Magna Services Group Ltd 2023 – Version 1
  5. Include advice on any potential delays/lead times which may restrict start date
  6. Where applicable provide multiple options so that the client can chose short/long term fix dependant on budget restraints
  7. A quick turnaround – aim for maximum of 5 working days from date of survey wherever possible.

The quote process detailed above mirrors the principles used in gaining cost uplifts from site and therefore should be acceptable to all parties. The increased transparency and alignment to clients published rates will also be beneficial to all in terms of quote conversion % achieved.

General practice is that after 28 days of submission and onto our system that if nothing is heard from the Client then it is closed and filed.

Magna Services Group Ltd do actively request feedback to un-accepted quotes and will share with ASPs/SubContractors as and when feedback is received.